All the Devils Are Here

Writer / Performer
The DR2 Theatre

Created and Performed by Patrick Page

Directed by Simon Godwin

Awards & Honors
A note from patrick

"A FORCE OF NATURE! One of America’s greatest classical actors. Perfection is the rarest of stuff onstage, but that is what All the Devils Are Here gives us."

The Wall Street Journal

"CRITIC’S PICK! It’s like watching a chameleon change hues before your eyes: stupefying, effortless. Hours later, I’m still utterly beguiled."

The New York Times

"WONDERFUL! Page superbly plays Shakespeare’s villains. The best one-person show I’ve come across."

The Washington Post

"FIVE STARS! The entire 80 minute production is a work of inspired minimalism. All it took was a mostly bare set, a few props, clever lighting and a magnificent actor to bring Shakespeare’s villains to exhilarating life."

New York Stage Review

"BRILLIANT! When it comes to expertise in craft, Page is the mountaintop."

Broadway World

"STUNNING! Mr. Page performing Shakespeare’s greatest villains is not only mesmerizing and compelling but also greatly entertaining—and just when you think you have a favorite, he wows you with the next one."

Culture Vulture

"PATRICK PAGE SLAYS! This show brings us the artistry of an actor who has studied his characters deeply and understands them in every detail. We will never perceive them in quite the same way again."

DC Metro Arts

"POWERFUL! You will be riveted by this not-to-be-missed show."

MD Theatre Arts

"Mesmerizing! Page’s skill and experience are on full display in All the Devils Are Here as he seamlessly moves from character to character. Each of Page’s performances is astonishingly distinctive, and beautifully executed."

The Georgetown Voice

"INCREDIBLE! A performance masterclass you will not want to miss!"

"Patrick Page, lovingly nicknamed 'The Villain of Broadway,' expertly weaves scenes from Shakespeare’s best works with asides on Shakespeares’s writing style and life. When it comes to expertise in craft, Page is the mountaintop. Watching him shift in and out of character is like watching a chameleon walk across a rainbow. If the show sounds like it’s meant for a Shakespeare superfan, it is; but even those who’ve never even heard the name Juliet will be entertained."

Broadway World
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